Call for Nominations

Call for Nominations for Six “At-Large” Positions on the ISfTE Executive Board In accordance with the Constitution of ISfTE, the Secretary-General has created an election committee for the purposes of electing six at-large members to the ISfTE Executive Board.  These elections were suspended in the fall, 2013. Normally the process is to elect two new members each year to serve three year terms; however, because of the suspended elections, the current board has no at large members. This year the membership of ISfTE will elect all six at large members.  These new members will serve varying terms based on the number of votes each receives: two will serve a one-year term, two will serve a two-year term, and two will serve a three-year term.  Those who are elected to the one- and two-year terms would be able to run for re-election to the board and serve additional years. In this way, the board will move forward in a manner that rotates older and newer members on the board. All current and former members of ISfTE are invited to nominate themselves or an ISfTE colleague to do this important work for the society. The election committee and the current executive board particularly want to encourage members from places in the world that are not represented on the current board (current board members are from Hong Kong, Denmark, and the United States); although, people from those areas are certainly invited to run for election as well. If elected and not a current member (did not attend the 2016 seminar in South Africa or pay the separate membership fee), it is expected that the new board member would pay the $75 membership fee as soon as the on-line payment process can be put into place (hopefully by August, 2016).  It is also expected that the newly elected board members attend the annual executive board meetings which take place the day prior to the beginning of the annual seminar (Denmark, 2017; Japan, 2018), or if they cannot be there in person, be willing to electronically attend the meeting (Skype, etc.). Please send the nomination of yourself or a colleague to Peggy Saunders, chair of the election committee at She will ask candidates for a short statement about their association with ISfTE and what they hope to contribute to the board.  Nominations are due by Friday, July 15, 2016. Elections will take place shortly thereafter. Election Committee: Peggy Saunders, Forrest Crawford, and Kezang Tshering (Forrest and Kezang will be the election judges.) Peggy J. Saunders, Ph.D. Director, Master of Education Program Professor (801) 626-7673
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