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In Memoriam: Marta Luz Sisson de Castro

- April 13, 2016 -


Our friend and colleague, Marta Sisson, passed away from multiple organ failures on March 14. 2016 in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.  She had spent the last two years fighting lingering medical problems.  Last year, she had enough positive support that she returned to work and was planning to attend the 36th Annual ISfTE Conference in Skukuza, South Africa.  She had so enjoyed the 18th Annual Conference in Skukuza and the 26th Annual Conference in Stellenbosch that she was looking forward to this year’s events.

She is survived by her three children, Julio, Simone, and Miguel and two grand daughters, Nicole, and Clara.  Miguel was also a veteran of ISfTE; having attended with his mother in 1998.

Marta was born, lived, worked, and died in Porto Alegre.  She received her undergraduate degree from the Federal University of Rio Grande Do Sul and then spent 38 years as a professor at the Pontifical Catholic University (PUCRS) across town.  She did post-graduate work in Human Development at the University of Maryland and received her doctorate in Systems Development and Adaptation at Boston University.   She was responsible for teaching and research at both the undergraduate and graduate levels in Educational Administration.   Over the years, she was very involved in the National Association of Educational Administration and her state Association of School Administrators.

Marta began attending ISfTE at the 11th Annual Conference in Panama City, Florida.   She was a member of a team of four PUCRS professors who attended that year at the invitation of Maria das Gracas and John Hansen.  Marta became quite involved with ISfTE; representing South America in leadership discussions, contributing to the Journal, assisting Maria Emilia and Maria das Gracas in the operation of the 1996 ISfTE conference, co-hosting the 30th Annual Conference in 2010, and, with John Hansen, editing the commemorative publication, ISfTE Commemorating Seminars Around the World for 30 years.

The tribute of a good friend and former colleague, Icara da Silva Holmesland, describes the Marta that most of us have experienced.

“When writing about my relationship with Marta I am not able to separate the personal from the professional relation because the two were so intertwined. We have shared great moments at work, exchanging ideas and carrying out research together. Beyond that, we have also had wonderful moments outside the work area when our families met to celebrate the birthdays of our children and when we simply got together for a chat, or for sharing moments with common friends. I will always remember Marta as a very competent professional, full of ideas and inspiring. When talking with Marta, I was challenged to think out of the box!  Marta’s divergent way of thinking was an inspiration and something that I have borrowed from her in many different occasions. Marta is leaving a large empty space.”

All of us at ISfTE will miss her big smile, the twinkle in her eyes, and the positive role she has played as a contributing member of our community.  Our thoughts go to her family -- the parents, children, and grand-children.

 Maria das Gracas Feldens and John H. Hansen

ISfTE 2016 Asia Pacific Regional Conference

- April 27, 2016 -

ISfTE 2016 Asia Pacific Regional Conference

Date:  21 - 22 November 2016
Organization:  Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur
(Faculty of Arts, Communication and Education)
(Research Management Centre)
Venue:  Putrajaya, Malaysia
Theme: Global Citizenship Education

Although the name of the conference reads as ISfTE-Asia Pacific, existing and intending members from all over the world are most welcome to participate in this inaugural regional conference. It is the organizers’ anticipation that contributions and perspectives from educational researchers across the globe provide valuable input for the current challenges facing the world of education and of teacher education today.

 For detailed information, please browse Website for ISfTE 2016 Asia Pacific Regional Conference

37th Annual Seminar for ISfTE

- April 28, 2016 -

37th Annual International Seminar for International Society for Teacher Education

Date:  24-28 April 2017
Organization:  Danish School of Education,
Aarhus University, Denmark
Venue:  Radisson Blu Hotel, Aarhus & Aarhus University
Theme: Education – teaching and learning for the future

We hereby welcome teacher educators, researchers, academics and scholars from all over the world to participate in ISfTE 2017.
The six-day seminar attracts about 100 – 180 participants from all over the world who collectively examine and discuss critical issues facing global teacher education including preschool and further education.
A range of keynote presentations on critical topics by acknowledged experts drives the focus of the proceedings. Participants have the opportunity to present “prior to publication” papers within small peer group settings for collegiate consideration, discussion and counsel.
We are looking forward to seeing educators, teachers, researchers, academics, scholars and policy makers from around the world at the ISfTE 2017 conference in Aarhus, Denmark.

 For detailed information, please browse Website for ISfTE 2017

Highlights for ISfTE 2016

- May 16, 2016 -
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- May 5, 2016 -

Call for Submissions for Vol. 21(1), 2016

Theme: Emancipating and transforming teacher education for a better education system
Deadline: September 1, 2016

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