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A Note from the Secretary-General (February 4th, 2018)

- February 7, 2018 -
Attached please find the note from the Secretary-General about...
  • ISfTE 2018;
  • Appointment of new Associate Editor for JISTE; and
  • Reminder on your ISfTE membership
Note from the Secretary-General (Feb 6, 2018) Final
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Message from SG, Susan Tilley

- October 25, 2017 -

Dear ISFTE members,

I am excited to begin my term as Secretary-General. Thank you to the membership for your support. I would also like to extend my thanks to the other nominees for the position. The fact that multiple people were willing to serve in this capacity is a sign of the health of ISFTE.

During my term, I hope to build on the work of a long list of former Secretary-Generals. I want to thank Jackie Pow, our latest SG, for his contributions to ISFTE. I expect I will benefit from his mentoring in the coming months. I am also fortunate that founding members and members of long-standing are also available and willing to support me in my transition into the SG position.

I am in the process of connecting with members of the 2017-18 Executive board and individuals in key positions related to the logistical running of ISFTE matters. I am looking forward to working with the members of the board in the coming months.

First on the agenda is the production of the ISFTE newsletter. The newsletter will be uploaded to our website and sent to members in November. You will find important information and current updates in the newsletter, including information regarding ISFTE 2018, which will be held in Japan.

I hope members are enjoying a productive fall term. In the Canadian context, this is a busy term in our universities, colleges and schools. I wish you much success in your teaching and research initiatives.

I look forward to my first ISFTE seminar as Secretary-General in Japan, May 2018.


Susan Tilley

Latest news for ISfTE 2018

- January 20, 2018 -
The pamhlet of ISfTE 2018 in Japan is uploaded on our website. Please check it! You can download from the following URL as well:
We are so looking forward to seeing you all in Japan!!

JISTE 21.2 Table of Content

- December 23, 2017 -

ISfTE Newsletter Number 38, December 2017

- December 4, 2017 -